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Contest for the Best Oral Presentation Award within the Young Researchers Forum:

1st place:
Mateusz Pawlak, University of Warsaw,
talk entitled: Helical assemblies of metallic nanoparticles with tunable pitch


1. Magdalena Bigaj-Józefowska, NanoBioMedical Center, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań,
talk entitled: Superior antitumor properties of multimodal biomimetic doxorubicin-loaded PDA-Fe nanoparticles

2. Agnieszka Jędrych, University of Warsaw,
talk entitled: Plasmonic nanoparticles templated with photosensitive liquid-crystal for dual-responsive assemblies.


IN MEMORY OF PROF. STEFAN JURGA (1946-2022) - former Chairman of the conference

Professor Stefan Jurga, Director of the NanoBioMedical Center of Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań, passed away on March 15, 2022, at the age of 75.
Professor Stefan Jurga was a former Rector of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, an educator of many generations, founder, and Director of the NanoBioMedical Center AMU. Professor Stefan Jurga was an outstanding scientist, worldwide recognized Physicist, tireless organizer of science and education, and initiator of numerous scientific cooperations at the national and international levels.
As a passionate about science and meeting with people, he took the initiative to organize numerous scientific meetings, including NanoTech Poland and Ampere NMR School.
His scientific and organizational achievements will remain unforgettable. Professor Stefan Jurga will be sorely missed in our academic community.

Our Speakers

Dr. Dorleta Jimenez de Aberasturi

Inorganic-organic hybrid materials in 3D cell model applications

CICBiomaGune, Spain
Dr. Dorleta Jimenez de Aberasturi
Prof. Paola Borri

Nonlinear optical nanoscopy with single gold nanoparticles for tracking and sensing inside biological systems

Cardiff University, UK
Prof. Paola Borri
Prof. Lucia Curri

Synthetic, bioinspired and natural nanovectors: a versatile platform for diagnostic and therapeutic applications

University of Bari, Italy
Prof. Lucia Curri
Prof. Andrii Domanskyi

Targeting pathological protein aggregation in neurodegeneration: dead end or a new hope?

University of Helsinki & Orion Pharma, Finland
Prof. Andrii Domanskyi

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