Conference Speakers

NanoTech Poland 2021




  1. Prof. Maurizio Fermeglia, University of Trieste
    Multiscale molecular modelling for the design of nanostructured polymer systems: industrial applications
  2. Prof. Fabrizio Mancin, University of Padova, Italy

    Nanosensors and nanozymes stemming from the self-organization of the nanoparticle-coating monolayer

  3. Prof. Wolfgang Parak, University of Hamburg, Germany

    Some selected applications of colloidal nanoparticles intended for their use in biology


  1. Prof. Lech T. Baczewski, Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

    Spin polarization in hybrid nanostructures composed of magnetic thin film and chiral molecules

  2. Prof. Ilko Bald, University of Potsdam, Germany

    Novel nanoarchitectures for the monitoring of single molecules and plasmon induced chemical reactions
    by surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)

  3. Prof. Paul Beales, University of Leeds, UK
    Developing the nano-toolbox for assembly of artificial cells
  4. Prof. Roland Bennewitz, INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Saarbrücken, Germany
    Single-molecule force spectroscopy of dynamic biomaterials
  5. Dr. Dorota Chudoba, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia & Faculty of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland

    Modified carbon nanomaterials in biomedical applications

  6. Prof. Tatiana Da Ros, University of Trieste, Italy

    Carbon nanostructures for theranostic approaches: preparation and preliminary studies of nanocapsules

  7. Dr. Anna Dyrdał, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań, Poland
    Nonequilibrium spin-orbit driven phenomena in 2D systems: from spin Hall effect to bilinear magnetoresistance
  8. Dr. Sonia Estrade, University of Barcelona, Spain

    Support vector machine for EELS oxidation state determination

  9. Prof. Yun Suk Huh, Inha University, South Korea
    Functional bionanomaterial design and cancer cell treatment model research based on microplasma droplet platform
  10. Dr Sylvia Natalie Klodzinska, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

    Biopolymer nanogels for efficient delivery of AMPs to bacterial biofilms

  11. Dr. Jayaramulu Kolleboyina, Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Czech Republic

    Hierarchical porous Graphene based metal-Organic framework Hybrids: From Fundamentals and Potential Applications

  12. Dr. hab. Piotr Kuświk, Institute of Molecular Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

    Magnetic Domains without Domain Walls: A Unique magnetic spin texture in Ferrimagnetic Tb/Co Films

  13. Prof. Wiktor Lewandowski, University of Warsaw, Poland
    Chiral assemblies of plasmonic and luminescent nanoparticles
  14. Dr. Ewelina Lipiec, Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland
    Revealing aggregation pathways of neurodegenerative disease-related peptides
  15. Prof. Jeffrey McCord, University of Kiel, Germany
    Magnetodynamics of magnetic structures seen by magneto-optical microscopy
  16. Dr. Efren Navarro Moratalla, University of Valencia, Spain

    Chromium triiodide and the magnetism of flatland

  17. Prof. Hanne Mørck Nielsen, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    Effects of surface-engineering polymer nanoparticles for improved nano-bio interactions
  18. Lucia Pasquato, University of Trieste, Italy
    Role of thiolates end-group in ligand arrangement of monolayer protected gold nanoparticles
  19. Dr. Sebastian Reparaz, ICMAB Catalan Institute of Material Sciences, Spain

    Observation of thermal waves (second sound) in a rapidly varying temperature field in Ge between 7 K and 300 K

  20. Dr. Pier Sazio, University of Southampton, UK
    Embedded semiconductors, metals, 2D materials and catalysts inside active optical fibres
  21. Prof. Regina Scherließ, Kiel University, Germany

    Nanoparticles for mucosal vaccination via the respiratory tract

  22. Prof. Eugeniusz Sheregii, University of Rzeszow, Poland
    Free standing graphene: technology, high-quality control, observation of new phenomena
  23. Dr. Olena Shynkarenko, Institute of Semiconductor Physics NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine
    Surface Plasmon Resonance as a method of early cancer diagnosis
  24. Prof. Kohei Soga, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
    Transparency in Biology for Nano-Biomedical Applications
  25. Prof. Wei Wang, Tianjin University, China
    Multifunctional nanoparticles knotted injectable hydrogels to treat an infarcted hear
  26. Dr. Magdalena Wencka, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

    Collective magnetism of a single-crystalline nanocomposite FeCoCrMnAl high-entropy alloy